Welcome to ChildSafe South Africa’s #Back2School campaign!

Our campaign will cover a range of topics, including road safety, burn prevention, poison prevention, fall prevention, water safety, emergency preparedness, and more. # Back2School #ChildSafetyMatters

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Road Safety Awareness Week

Let's make every journey a safe one. #RoadSafetyWeek #ChildSafetyFirst


Stay tuned for daily tips and resources to ensure your child's safety on the roads.


Preventing Burns Awareness Week

Understanding the dangers of burns and how to prevent them is crucial. Follow along this week for valuable information on keeping your children safe from burn injuries. #PreventBurns #ChildSafetyAwareness"

Poison Prevention Week

Educating children about the dangers of poisons and ensuring proper storage of household chemicals and medications is our focus this week. Join us in preventing accidental poisonings. #PoisonPreventionWeek #ChildSafety"


Fall Prevention Week

Practical tips and strategies to safeguard children from falls and related injuries.


Together, let's create a safe environment for children. #FallPreventionWeek #ChildSafetyZone"

Water Safety Week

Water safety is crucial for children of all ages. Follow along this week for tips and resources to keep your child safe in and around water. #WaterSafetyWeek #ChildSafetyFirst

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