Envision a Safer World for Children: Your Donation Through PayFast Encourages Action Today for a Better Tomorrow.

"It Starts With You" is the call to action, inviting compassionate individuals to contribute towards a reality where every child is free from the threat of preventable injuries.

The festive season, a time of joy and family, unfortunately brings with it an uptick in childhood injuries due to burns, road accidents, poison ingestion, drowning as well as falls. ChildSafe’s Imagine A World campaign seeks to draw a contrast, pitting an ideal, safe world against the stark reality many children face.

Within our dreams of a festive world lies a harsh reality: risks that threaten our children's safety. The "Imagine A World" campaign inaugurates a series of targeted initiatives designed to confront these challenges head-on – because we believe that preventing injury is not an act of chance, but a calculated act of care. Your donation today funds:

Shape A Child's Reality

Advocacy for Burn Prevention

The aftermath faced by survivors is often characterized by extended periods of excruciating treatment, potential permanent disability, and life-long scarring—both physical and psychological. This stark reality amplifies the necessity for proactive burn prevention measures.


Road Safety Awareness

Road safety is a major concern in South Africa, with the country having one of the worst road safety records in the world. Every year, thousands of people are killed or injured in road accidents, with children being particularly vulnerable. 

Drowning Prevention

Annually, close to 1,484 lives are lost to drowning in South Africa, with a disheartening 450 of these being children under the age of 14.It is only through collective vigilance and sustained efforts in water safety education that we can protect our children and significantly reduce the instances of drowning in South Africa.

Poison Ingestion Education

Poison ingestion remains a significant concern with many children being exposed to harmful substances. Every year, thousands of children are admitted to hospitals due to poisoning, with many of these cases being preventable. 

Your generosity is the foundation of prevention, education, and life-saving change. By choosing to donate today, you are joining hands with a movement dedicated to giving every child the joy of a secure and happy childhood. Ready to transform idealism into action?


Your vision for a safer tomorrow for children begins today. Through "Imagine A World", you’re not just donating; you're advocating, educating, and sheltering. Pledge through PayFast, and let's unveil a campaign where every chapter is brighter for children.

A donation can weave a new story this festive season – one where safety is as inherent as celebration.

Funding collected via the secure online payment gateway PayFast will propel educational programs, safety-awareness initiatives, and provide essential safety equipment to families in need.