Educational Brochures

It is possible to prevent accidents. Children in certain age groups have various limitations, which increase the risk of injury. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the different stages of a child’s development. For example pre–school children cannot take responsibility for their own safety. It’s essential that they’re continually supervised or cared for by responsible adults or caregivers.

Why do children have more accidents than adults? Young children are at risk because:

  • They’re still learning and don’t always do things correctly.
  • They may not understand safety instructions.
  • They’re easily distracted, get excited and are adventurous.
  • They want to impress their friends.
  • They are not protected with sufficient supervision. It’s difficult to supervise children 24 hours a day.

Children are at risk of injury and death every day, at home and when out and about. We’ve produced some guidance on how to prevent injuries, but also what to do if the worst happens to a child in your care. Read these safety brochures to learn how to protect them from burns, drowning and injuries while travelling, as well as what to do if a child is poisoned, chokes or is suffocating. Make safety part of your daily life by observing the simple rules in these leaflets, to prevent injury and, worse, death.

However, remember: prevention is better and cheaper than cure. That’s why it’s important to be prepared, and be informed. Keep emergency numbers near your telephone, and saved on your cell phone.

More Information

Prevent Poisoning

Prevent Drowning

Choking & Suffocation

Prevent Burns

Emergency Contact Numbers



Poisons Information Helpline

0861 555 777


Child Protection Units

Cape Town – (021) 592 2601

Johannesburg – (011) 403 3413

Durban – (031) 307 7000

Pretoria – (012) 353 5867 / 810 / 806

Bloemfontein – (051) 447 9808

TOLL-FREE – 0800 123 321 (24 Hours)

Child Line

Cape Town – (021) 461 1111

Johannesburg – (011) 484 3044

Durban – (031) 303 2222

Toll-free – 0800 055 555

Toll-free – 0800 123 321 (24 Hours)


Safe Line

Cape Town – (021) 26 1100