Understanding the critical role of first aid in managing burn injuries is vital for ensuring the safety and well-being of our children. Adequate and appropriate first aid plays a significant role in influencing the outcome of a burn, preventing further tissue damage and subsequent morbidity.

Immediate Response to Burns:

  1. Stopping the Burning Process: Swiftly halting the source of the burn is crucial in the initial management of a burn injury. This may necessitate removing the child from the burn’s source.
  2. Applying Cool Running Water: Cooling the burn with cool running water for a minimum of 20 minutes is integral. Research indicates that cooling remains beneficial for up to 3 hours post-injury and should be performed, even if access to cooling is delayed.
  3. Adapting for Distressed Children: Cooling techniques for distressed children may pose challenges. In such instances, using serial wet cloths can serve as an effective alternative for cooling.
  4. Covering the Cooled Burn: Once the burn has been adequately cooled, it is essential to cover it with cling film, a clean cloth, or a non-adherent dressing to shield the area.
  5. Seek immediate medical assistance

Beyond Immediate Care:

While these initial steps are crucial for immediate care, sustained burn prevention and management require additional considerations, especially as children can unwittingly put themselves in harm’s way. Understanding the enduring implications of burns and the requisite prevention measures is fundamental to their safety.

Podcast on Burns and Burn Prevention with Dr Tome Mendes

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ChildSafe ECD Training features First Aid 

ChildSafe ECD Training features First Aid